Care for sensitive skin of babies and kids. Skin care for face, body, hands and for nappy care.



Among others Oleogel K contains essential omega-3 und omega-6 fatty acids, barrier stabilizing phytosterols, urea in low dosage, bisabolol (one of the active agents of camomile) and vitamin E in an ointment base free of water. The product penetrates rapidly due to the content of natural phosphatidylcholine.



Oleogel K is very economical and provides the sensitive skin of babies and kids effectively with lipids. The essential fatty acids and bisabolol support the prevention of inflammatory skin reactions. Urea (low dosage) inhibits itching without irritating. All you need is a small amount for the applications.



Oleogel K is applied when required. In combination with fatty oils like avocado oil the product can be applied for massage purposes and for pedicure applications.

Oleogel K 50ml